On Monday 24th April 2023, the Bishop of Ankole Diocese Rt. Rev. Assoc. Prof. Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa accompanied by the Dean St James cathedral, Diocesan Secretary and Diocesan Education secretary presided over a thanksgiving service at St James cathedral.

The service was aimed at thanking God for the good academic performance of the diocesan schools.

The preacher was Dr. Jeninah Tumwesigye, the president Mothers’ Union and she preached from psalm 111: 1-10 saying we thank God for he has been so dependable and we can trust him for anything that we need.

She thanked the heads of school for shaping the world to what it is and encouraged them to always aim at sowing the best so that they can reap the best at the end of the day. She encouraged teachers and parents to teach students and children to be united like our theme states “united for service and growth.”

She said that head teachers are the light of the schools they lead and they shape the future of the young to shine, making reference to Mathew 5: 16

She challenged head teachers and teachers to go and fight the evil of LGBTQ because now they know the stand of the government and the church and because they spend most of the time with children and this should be an opportunity for them to help these children.

Diocesan Education secretary in his communication said that the thanksgiving was meant to appreciate God for the great success on education in Ankole diocese schools. He reported that out of 200 primary schools, 21.17% pupils got first grade, O’level they got 16% from 14% of 2021 in the UCE exams and in all our schools no failure was registered in UCE exams. Vocational institutions have also excelled highly in UBTEB exams and it is because of these that we had to appreciate God.

The Chair for COU Headteachers Association Mr. Mugume Nathan appreciated the Bishop for making time to appreciate God.
He said that with good governance, proper performance of schools will be noticed.

Chair of the Board of Education Assoc. Prof. Gershom Atukunda thanked the Bishop for the good leadership and the president Mothers’ Union for the good sermon and the Head teachers for coming.

The Bishop encouraged members to work hard and to do good to others so that they can be successful referring proverbs 3: 27. He thanked God for Bishop’s bursary which supports 102 in secondary schools for it has come in to help the needy children who have interest in education. He also encouraged them to support diocesan projects like Revival Girls and Revival Junior that are beginning in 2024 and Revival Radio, Millennium Sacco 2012 and all diocesan projects.

To God be the Glory.
Asasira Joanita Nancy
Diocesan Information and Communication Officer and Ag. East African Revival Museum Curator, Ankole Diocese


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