Ankole Diocese Headquarters

The diocesan headquarters are located at Ruharo 3 kilometers from Mbarara town on the Mbarara – Bushenyi highway.

  • Mission & Evangelism
  • Treasury & Finance
  • Planning & Development
  • Health Department
  • Education Department
  • Mothers Union
  • Fathers Union
Diocese Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Ankole Diocese

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Rev. Canon Hebert Begumanya

Head of Clergy and the Dean of the Cathedral

Rev.Canon Herbert Beegumanya is our Head of clergy and the dean of the Cathedral

Rev. Canon Wycliffe Kapere

Archdeacon Bujaga

Ven. Rev. Canon Wycliffe Kapere is the Archdeacon Bujaga

Rev. Canon Stephen Karemire


Ven. Rev.Canon Asaph Tibahwerwayo

Archdeacon, Bugamba

Ven. Rev. Canon Asaph Tibahwerwayo is the Archdeacon Bugamba

Ven. Rev.Canon Bobs Mwesigye Nathan

Archdeacon Greater Mbarara

Ven. Rev. Canon Bobs Mwesigye is our Archdeacon Greater Mbarara

Rev. Canon Wilson Byaruhanga

Archdeacon Rugaaga

Ven.Rev.Canon wilson Byaruhanga is the Archdeacon Rugaaga

Rev. Wilson Ngundurire

Archdeacon, Kanywamaiz

Ven. Rev. Wilson Ngundurire is the Archdeacon, Kanywamaizi

Ven. Rev. Stephen Turyasingura

Archdeacon, Itojo

Ven. Rev. Stephen Turyasingura is the Archdeacon Itojo

Rev. Apollo Tweteise

Archdeacon, Rutooma

Ven.Rev.Apollo Tweteise is the Archdeacon Rutooma

Rev.Canon Azariah Kibakuzi

Archdeacon Kinoni

Ven.Rev.Canon Azariah Kibakuzi is the Archdeacon Kinoni

Rev.Canon Fred Karangwa

Archdeacon, Kikagate

Ven .Rev. Canon Fred Karangwa is the Archdeacon Kikagate

Ven. Rev. Joram Mwesigye

Archdeacon, Nombe

Ven.Rev. Joram Mwesigye is the Archdeacon Nombe

Rev. Canon George Kamuhanda

Archdeacon, Kabingo

Ven.Rev.Canon George Kamuhanda is the Archdeacon Kabingo

Ven. Rev Yona Byaruhanga

Archdeacon, Rwantsinga

Ven. Rev. Yona Byaruhanga is the Archdeacon Rwantsinga

Ven. Rev Godfrey Bariyo

Archdeacon, Mwizi

Ven. Rev. Canon Godfrey Bariyo is the Archdeacon Mwizi, of Ankole Diocese

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