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The diocesan headquarters are located at Ruharo 3 kilometers from Mbarara town on the Mbarara – Bushenyi highway.

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Anglican Primary School Headteachers’ Meeting on 28th – 29th January 2020

Church of Uganda Diocese Headteachers Meeting

Church of Uganda Primary School headteachers on 28th -29th January 2020 met at Mbarara Junior School for the workshop organised by the Education Department of Ankole Diocese.

Ankole Diocese COU PLE results show we contribute 1.6% towards national first grade percentage pass of 10.1%. We give thanks to God for improved performance.

The workshop was officially opened by Rt. Rev. Dr Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa who thanked the effort by the head teachers teachers. He emphasized training the children in head, heart & hand rather than looking at one area.

He cautioned headteachers to  aim at understanding their pupils and hence developing them. This workshop was aimed at chatting a way forward on how the schools can set new goals, recommendation and excelling for all the pupils in Ankole Diocese.


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