Ankole Diocese Headquarters

The diocesan headquarters are located at Ruharo 3 kilometers from Mbarara town on the Mbarara – Bushenyi highway.

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  • Treasury & Finance
  • Planning & Development
  • Health Department
  • Education Department
  • Mothers Union
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Ankole Diocese

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Find below, the full list of all Churches in Ankole Diocese, in each Archdeaconry, Parish and Sub Parish level

These are the churches in  Deanery Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

St.James CathedralSt.James Cathedral Ruharo
St. Peters Kamukuzi C.OU
St. Paul Nkokonjeru C.O.U
Kafunjo C.O.U
Stock Farm C.O.U
NyakayojoNyakayojo C.O.U
Karutundu C.O.U
All Saints Ruti C.O.U
Bugashe C.OU
Kibingo C.OU
Rwemiko C.O.U
Kagaaga C.O.U
Kicwamba C.O.U
Kihumuro C.O.U
Kagando C.O.U
Rukindo C.O.U
Nyarubungo C.O.U
Rwakwezi C.O.U
RwentangaRwentanga C.O.U
Rwenshanku C.O.U
Mukora C.O.U
Katojo C.O.U
KashakaKashaka C.O.U
Nshozi C.O.U
Katooma C.O.U
Ntura C.O.U
RubaareRubaare C.O.U
Kifunfu C.O.U

These are the churches in  Greater Mbarara Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

All Saints ChurchAll saints Church,
Kisenyi C.O.U
Mbarara Kakiika C.O.U
Lugazi C.O.U
KakobaSt.Peters’ Kakoba
Rwentondo C.O.U
NyamityoboraNyamityobora C.O.U
Makenke C.O.U
KyamugoraniKyamugorani C.O.U
Kakyekye C.O.U
Rwebishuri C.O.U
Rwobuyenje C.O.U
BirereKasana C.O.U
Rukoma C.O.U
Kyanza C.O.U
Kahenda C.O.U
Rubeya C.O.U
NyamuyanjaNyamuyanja C.O.U
Ijungamo C.O.U
Nsinka C.O.U
Katanoga C.O.U
All Saints Church, Nyamuyanja
Kihwa C.O.U
Nyakibare C.O.U
KaberebereKaberebere C.O.U
Butenga C.O.U
Kabare C.O.U
NyarubungoNyarubungo C.O.U
Masha C.O.U
Nyakakoni C.O.U
Buhandagazi C.O.U
Nyabushozi C.O.U
Rumuri C.O.U
Kakyeka C.O.U
Rwentango C.O.U
Rwendizi C.O.U
Rweyanga C.O.U
Nyakahita C.O.U
Rwenfunjo C.O.U
BiharweAll Saints Church, Biharwe
Kishasha C.O.U
Rwemirabyo C.O.U
Nyakinengo C.O.U
Nyabuhama C.O.U
Kamatarisi C.O.U
Kibwera C.O.U
KateteKatete C.O.U
Nsikye C.O.U
Rwemirinzi C.O.U
Kabare C.O.U
Rubeho C.O.U
KaburangireKaburangire C.O.U
Buremba C.O.U
Bunusya C.O.U
Kyahi C.O.U

These are the churches in  Rutooma Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

RutoomaSt. John Rutooma
Muko C.O.U
All Saints Church, Bwizibwera
Nyampikye C.O.U
Mishenyi C.O.U
Nyakabungo C.O.U
Akabingo C.O.U
KaruyenjeKaruyenje C.O.U
Kacwamba C.O.U
Kitookye C.O.U
Rubingo C.O.U
Nyarubungo C.O.U
Akashanda C.O.U
Nyakayojo C.O.U
Nyantungu C.O.U
Bukiro C.O.U
Kaniyigiri C.O.U
Mabira C.O.U
MugarutsyaMugarutsya C.O.U
Komuyaga C.O.U
Rugarama C.O.U
Mutuumo C.O.U
All Saints Church, Mugarusya
RweishamiroRweishamiro C.O.U
Runengo C.O.U
Rwetonjo C.O.U
RweibareRweibare C.O.U
Rwobugoigo C.O.U
Butagatsi C.O.U

These are the churches in  Kabingo Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

KabingoSt. Stephen, Kabingo C.O.U
St. James, kamuri C.O.U
All Saints Church, Kabingo
Igayaza C.O.U
Kyarugaju C.O.U
Kigyende C.O.U
Rwemigango C.O.U
Rwekubo C.O.U
Kagogo C.O.U
Kayunyu C.O.U
NgaramaSt. Emmanuel Ngarama C.O.U
St. Mark Kyajungu C.O.U
Kagaga C.O.U
Kayenje C.O.U
Karugabo C.O.U
KajaahoSt.Peter’s Kajaaho C.O.U
St. John Rwenkuba C.O.U
Kyabishaho C.O.U
Kihenda C.O.U
Kyarumigana C.O.U
BurungamoSt.John Burungamo C.O.U
St. Peter Kibengo C.O.U
Kagando C.O.U
Kyakabindi C.O.U
KagaramaSt.Peter Kagarama C.O.U
Bungura C.O.U
Kihihi C.O.U
Mbale C.O.U
Kicwenkano C.O.U
NyakitundaSt.James Nyakitunda C.O.U
St. Peter Kabatangare C.O.U
Bugongi C.O.U
KamatarisiSt. Luke Kamatarisi C.O.U
Ishozi C.O.U
Karema C.O.U
NtunguSt. Paul Ntungu C.O.U
Rwemicence C.O.U
Kibungo C.O.U
Kyanyakahimbi C.O.U
KyemparaSt. Mark Kyempara C.O.U
Bweyorere C.O.U
Nyakigyera C.O.U
KakuutoSt.Peter Kakuuto C.O.U
Kemikoma C.O.U
Burumba C.O.U

These are the churches in  Kinoni Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

KinoniSt. Luke Kinoni C.O.U
Nyakaguruka C.O.U
Kagongi C.O.U
Kitwe C.O.U
Nyarubungo C.O.U
Katereza C.O.U
Karora C.O.U
Ihunga C.O.U
Rwenshama C.O.U
Kyakahira C.O.U
Kyemigyera C.O.U
RwemiyenjeRwemiyenje C.O.U
Nyakabaare C.O.U
Bukuna C.O.U
Nyakahita C.O.U
Rucence C.O.U
Rubanga C.O.U
KibingoKibingo C.O.U
Rwakishakizi C.O.U
Karama C.O.U
Ibaare C.O.U
Kagasha C.O.U
Rucece C.O.U
NyabikunguNyabikungu C.O.U
Kyabanyoro C.O.U
Mikamba C.O.U
Butahe C.O.U
Kabobo C.O.U
Omunkiri C.O.U
KakiganiKakigani C.O.U
Nyabishekye C.O.U
Mutojo C.O.U
Kacucu C.O.U
KashekureKashekure C.O.U
Rukandagye C.O.U
Rweibogo C.O.U
Bituntu C.O.U
Rwampara C.O.U
Ntungamo C.O.U

These are the churches in  Rugaaga Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

RugaagaRugaaga C.O.U
Kabaare C.O.U
Kiryaburo C.O.U
Kahiihi C.O.U
Nyakagyera C.O.U
Bweera C.O.U
Rubondo C.O.U
Kamutiganzi C.O.U
Katuutu C.O.U
Nyamiyonga C.O.U
Kiinami C.O.U
Buhumuriro C.O.U
Bururuma C.O.U
Kashare C.O.U
KihandaKihanda C.O.U
Rwengwe C.O.U
Bahingi C.O.U
Kamaaya C.O.U
Mishenyi C.O.U
Rwangabo C.O.U
Rwenshekye C.O.U
NyamarungiNyamarungi C.O.U
Burigi C.O.U
Rwambaga C.O.U
Obugaage C.O.U
Buhunga C.O.U
KigaragaraKigaragara C.O.U
Murema C.O.U
Bigasha C.O.U
Kashesha C.O.U
Ntenga C.O.U
Sayunu C.O.U
Kashumba C.O.U
Rushwa C.O.U
Karora C.O.U
KyabaheesiKyabaheesi C.O.U
Mbaare II C.O.U
Rumuri C.O.U
Kakiiza C.O.U
Rwabahinda C.O.U
Kasharara C.O.U
KashojwaKashojwa C.O.U
Karokarungi C.O.U
Mugogo C.O.U
Kineetwa C.O.U
Juru I C.O.U
Juru II C.O.U
Kityazya C.O.U
Ruhoko C.O.U
Kabweera C.O.U
Kabirizi C.O.U
NshororoNshororo C.O.U
Kiterede C.O.U
Kahungye C.O.U
Mbaare C.O.U
Bugango C.O.U
EndiiziEndiizi C.O.U
Rwanjogyera C.O.U
Rweijugo C.O.U
Mpikye C.O.U
Nyabyondo C.O.U
Runyinya C.O.U
Ekinazi C.O.U
BusheekaBusheeka C.O.U
Rushenyi C.O.U
Ekinazi II C.O.U
Matara C.O.U
KarungaKarunga I C.O.U
Karunga II C.O.U
Kunyabukange C.O.U
Kyabuzaare C.O.U

These are the churches in  Rwantsinga Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

RwantsingaRwantsinga C.O.U
Ruburara C.O.U
Mitonto C.O.U
itara C.O.U
Bunenero C.O.U
KaguhanzyaKaguhanzya C.O.U
Keigoshora C.O.U
RushoziRushozi C.O.U
Kyamatambarire C.O.U
Kashozi C.O.U

These are the churches in  Kikagate Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

KikagateKikagate C.O.U
Bwentare C.O.U
Kitejo C.O.U
Kyezimbire C.O.U
Nyarubungo C.O.U
Katanga C.O.U
Kagera C.O.U
Rwenkuba C.O.U
Ruyonza C.O.U
Harani C.O.U
Besweri C.O.U
KatojoKatojo C.O.U
Nyanzaetagera C.O.U
Kyenkure C.O.U
Nyandama C.O.U
Buyanga C.O.U
Karokarungi C.O.U
Rutooma C.O.U
KamubeiziKamubeizi C.O.U
Iraama C.O.U
Katanzi C.O.U
Rwakyekye C.O.U
Canani C.O.U
Sayuni C.O.U
Nyarambi C.O.U
Nyabugando C.O.U
Kibuuba C.O.U
Kyamarunga C.O.U
IryangoIryango C.O.U
Nyampiikye C.O.U
Rwakakwenda C.O.U
Ryaboona C.O.U
Kabumba C.O.U
Karweyi C.O.U
Kahaama C.O.U
RuborogotaRuborogota C.O.U
Kyamutoomi C.O.U
Mugarika C.O.U
Ruzinga C.O.U
Rukwiija C.O.U
Kagabagaba C.O.U
Karama C.O.U
Bweyinja C.O.U
Kibingo C.O.U
Kabatangare C.O.U
Bihungo C.O.U
Nsenyi C.O.U
Nyabugando C.O.U
Kanteeko C.O.U
Kahooma C.O.U
Kisharira C.O.U
Kihanga C.O.U
Nyabushenyi C.O.U
Kigarama C.O.U

These are the churches in  Kanywamaizi Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

KanywamaiziSt. Mathew Kanywamazi C.O.U
Kagoto C.O.U
Eden C.O.U
Kigabagaba C.O.U
Kabugu C.O.U
Kagongi C.O.U
Miigyera C.O.U
Kakoni C.O.U
Number 1 C.OU
Besania C.O.U
Bathesadi C.O.U
KisyoroKisyoro C.O.U
Karokarungi C.O.U
All Saints Kisyoro C.O.U
Town Church C.O.U
Rwamwijuka C.O.U
Kagorogoro C.O.U
Rukiiri C.O.U
Canani C.O.U
Kagarama C.O.U
RubaganoRubagano C.O.U
Rwabyemera C.O.U
Kagaara C.O.U
Bwegerere C.O.U
Kabirizi C.O.U
NyakamuriNyakamuri C.O.U
Sinai C.O.U
Ruhira C.O.U
Mishoroshozi C.O.U
Lugongi C.O.U
Kabale C.O.U
Karundi C.O.U

These are the churches in  Mwizi Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

MwiziMwizi C.O.U
Kabura C.O.U
Kahojwa C.O.U
Karamurani C.O.U
Ntyaza C.O.U
Ihumbya C.O.U
Nyamabare C.O.U
Kamba C.O.U
KigaagaKigaaga C.O.U
Kimuri C.O.U
Kabatangare C.O.U
Kabaya C.O.U
RyamiyongaRyamiyonga C.O.U
Kakoni C.O.U
Iyero C.O.U
Museeta C.O.U
KikundaKikunda C.O.U
Kyeyare C.O.U
Kotiyo C.O.U
Kenkaranga C.O.U
Kanyaga C.O.U

These are the churches in  Itojo Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

ItojoItojo C.O.U
Nyakabungo C.O.U
Kikunyu C.O.U
Kacwambiro C.O.U
Itojo Hospital Chapel
NyongoziNyongozi C.O.U Ishunga C.O.U
Nkomero C.O.U
Bukiro C.O.U
Kisyama C.O.U
BuhanamaBuhanama C.O.U
Nyakakiri C.O.U
Kashenyi C.O.U
Nyakibobo C.O.U
Bukoora C.O.U
RuhangaRuhanga C.O.U
Kibingo C.O.U
Rwempiri C.O.U

These are the churches in  Bugamba Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

BugambaSt. Peter Bugamba C.O.U
St.James Kabukaru C.O.U
St. Mark Kangirirwe C.O.U
Katerero C.O.U
Ihoho C.O.U
Kyonyo C.O.U
Kyetindo C.O.U
RubingoSt. Luke Rubingo C.O.U
Kikito C.O.U
Nyarubare C.O.U
Kakongora C.O.U
Binyuga C.O.U
Kashenyi C.O.U
KitojoKitojo C.O.U
Nyanga C.O.U
Kyamizo C.O.U

These are the churches in  Nombe Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

NombeSt. Andrew Nombe C.O.U
Rugarura C.O.U
All Saints Church Rubindi
Nyabisirira C.O.U
Ntungamo C.O.U
Ncune C.O.U
MirongoSt.Paul Mirongo C.O.U
St. Peter Kitongore C.O.U
Amabaare C.O.U
Rwencwera C.O.U
BwengureSt. MARK Bwengure C.O.U
St.Paul Kenturegye C.O.U
St. Mathew Kagongi C.O.U
Kyanyakwezi C.O.U
Nyaminyobwa C.O.U
Ruhumba C.O.U
OmukabareEmmanuel Omukabare C.O.U
Kyenshama C.O.U
Nyamirima C.O.U
Kashare C.O.U
BuyenjeEmmanuel Buyenje C.O.U
St. Peter karuhitsi C.O.U
St. Peter Rwamanuma C.O.U
Rukanja C.O.U
Akarungu C.O.U
Kigoro C.O.U
Kariro C.O.U

These are the churches in  Bujaga Arhdeaconry in Ankole Diocese

BujagaBujaga C.O.U
Nyakatugunda C.O.U
Igamba C.O.U
Kibumba C.O.U
NdeijaNdeija C.O.U
Kibare C.O.U
Kinyamufumura C.O.U
Kashuro C.O.U
Kanyantura C.O.U
NyeihangaNyeihanga C.O.U
All Saints Nyeihanga C.O.U
kibubaKibuba C.O.U
Kongoro C.O.U
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