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The diocesan headquarters are located at Ruharo 3 kilometers from Mbarara town on the Mbarara – Bushenyi highway.

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Rt.Rev.Dr.Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa

With almost all countries in the world on their knees, following covid 19 deaths, social psychological torture, long term health effects on survivors, disruption of economic activities and every known social activity, am wondering who would ordinarily declare that the world is at war! The adverse geographic, economic and social impact wrought upon the world population by the Covid 19 pandemic is unprecedented and incomparable to the two previous world wars. Out of the 195 nations in the world, only a handful of Island nations in the Pacific and Atlantic are said not to have so far witnessed a case of Covid 19, even then, caution is given by epidemiologists about the reliability of data. In sharp contrast, only 32 and 30 countries were involved in the first and second world wars, respectively. While 20 million people died during the First World War and 60 million in the Second World War, in terms of effect this pales in significance when we take into account the 180 million people affected by Covid 19 (and still counting). While Covid 19 has killed about 4 million people, the social psychological impact on those who caught the disease, the orphans, the widows and the community is immeasurable. Covid 19 disease has been known to leave lasting health complications on its victims referred to as ‘Long covid’. Many victims have ended up with damaged lungs, difficulty in breathing and walking, memory loss and other incapacities. The virus mutations including the most recent Indian Delta virus is another dimension of the protracted war that keeps bringing up surprises engineered by an invisible enemy.  Could the origin of Covid 19 disease be the work of a human hand or nature? While virologists have often been able to establish the origin of particular viruses as was the case with Corona Virus Sars Cov. 1 which was traced to a zonotic origin of a bat to man, the origin of the Corona Virus Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Cov 2 has not been traced after about fifteen months. According to the Bulletin of Atomic scientists, Nicholas Wade an eminent scientist recently posited that the virus is most likely a result of gain of function research, lest by now the host or intermediate host would have been established as was the case with SARS Cov 1 in 2002 or MERS in 2012. Whether Corona virus is a result of an accidental laboratory leakage at Wuhan Institute of Virology or whether it was a result of manufacture of bio-chemical weapon, the resultant consequences on human nature have been devastating and to the say the least catastrophic. The description of some of the symptoms of Covid 19 disease is unparalleled. Some of the symptoms of Covid 19 disease among the population are akin to those experienced during wars that involve use of bio-chemical weapons. The paralysis caused to the bodies of those who catch Covid 19 is sensational and tingling. Some victims have confessed to coughing and/ or excreting blood. Others have described having a pulsating head-ache that is ceaseless and apt to blow up like in a time bomb. For some, they have likened the stomach pains to someone bearing a sack of red-pepper in their tummies. The untold suffering and traumatic experiences of people who have suffered at the hands of Covid 19 abound. Apart from identifying the invisible enemy and perhaps who the sponsors are, if any, there is an ongoing battle field where many gallant soldiers have fallen, some are maimed, Orphans in despair, widows and widowers left in the cold following loss of loved ones and breadwinners. Those who will live to survive, the remnant, will live to tell the tale that once upon a time, there was a World War that never was, for lack of someone to declare it.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa

Bishop Ankole Diocese & Chancellor Bishop Stuart University

Published in the New vision July 7, 2021


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