“Yesu Naamara” “Jesus Is All Sufficient” (Col. 2:9-10)


The health department is headed by Mr.Magyezi Joseph. It is responsible for the overall direction, leadership and development of all health related activities in the Diocese at various levels. It is also responsible for co-ordinating health insurance activities. The department has 1 hospital made up of 3 major departments and 6 health centers. Ruharo mission hospital(general medical services, eye center and ours Health centers
  • St johns biharwe
  • St peters mugarutysa
  • St peters kanywamaizi
  • St luke kistyoro
  • Emmanuel buyenje
  • Up coming in 2023
  • Rubingo in bugamba archedeconary
  • Kinoni in kinoni
  • Kigaragara in kigaragara
Mr.Magyezi Joseph.
Mr.Magyezi Joseph. Head of Department


Since the Establishment of this department a number of achievements have been registered

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