Ankole Diocese Headquarters

The diocesan headquarters are located at Ruharo 3 kilometers from Mbarara town on the Mbarara – Bushenyi highway.

  • Mission & Evangelism
  • Treasury & Finance
  • Planning & Development
  • Health Department
  • Education Department
  • Mothers Union
  • Fathers Union
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Ankole Diocese

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Community Church Center project construction

Community Church Center project construction

Some of the Achievements in Ankole Diocese since August 2015 – August 2016

Ankole Diocese has continued to prosper and develop year in year out. We take pride in the Revival movement in Ankole (1936 – 2016) because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was spread in this region. This is testified by Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi when he said “I never stop falling in love with Ankole where fruits of revival are evident in the welcoming nature of the people. Whenever I am approaching Karuma on my way home (to Northern Uganda) I see men with bicycles carrying jerrycans of ajon(a local brew), but when I approach Lyantonde on my way to Ankole I start seeing men with bicycles carrying matoke and cans of milk.”  The Diocese has recorded a number of achievements. These have cut across different departments and sectors including Mission and Evangelism, Diocesan secretariat, education, health, finance, health, planning and development among others.


Small Groups are made of 5-6 couples or eight to twelve individuals who gather to study God’s Word and discuss the issues and challenges of life that we all face. It is also where we pray and care for one another and where you are missed when you are not there.

Small Groups come in all shapes and sizes – married couples, singles, men’s, women’s, children, no children, workplace, young adult or empty nesters.

Golden Jubilee House was officially opened

Life change can happen here

There are five essentials components you will see in our small groups:

  • Life Chang
  • Cultivate Relationships
  • Promote Participation
  • Provide Care
  • Identify Future Leaders

We know it can be difficult to take the next step from a large group environment like our weekend worship experience to a smaller setting. That’s why we would like to offer a few suggestions to help.


1) Register for our Men’s or Women’s ministry. Click ether of these links to begin the process.
Women’s Ministry and Men’s Ministry

2) Volunteering is a great way to meet people who are already plugged into a small group.
View Volunteer Opportunities

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