Ankole Diocese Headquarters

The diocesan headquarters are located at Ruharo 3 kilometers from Mbarara town on the Mbarara – Bushenyi highway.

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  • Planning & Development
  • Health Department
  • Education Department
  • Mothers Union
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Ankole Diocese

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Bishop Stuart University

Bishop Stuart University is a not-for-profit Chartered educational institution established by Ankole Diocese of the Province of the Anglican Church of Uganda to provide Christian based higher Education, training and research for the expansion of God’s kingdom, human Knowledge and betterment of society.
The University has its main campus at Kakoba, Mbarara Municipality, Mbarara District in Uganda and another Campus at Ruharo, near St. James Cathedral, the headquarters of Ankole Diocese and Liaison office at St Francis Chapel Makerere.
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Uganda Bible Institute

Uganda Bible Institute, Mbarara is a twelve acre campus located in Southwest Uganda on the northeast side of Mbarara at Nyamityobora. In 2008, Uganda Bible Institute was granted a license to operate as a Tertiary Institution by the National Council for Higher Education. The programs currently offered are Certificates and Diplomas in Theology. Students have options of either full-time or recess or In-service programs. It is also one of the institutions established by Ankole Diocese. For more information Call:0382274013,

East Africa Revival Museum

East Africa Revival Museum

Church Community Centre

Commonly known as Church Hostel located in Mbarara, Mbaguta Street, this provides business rooms and quality rest rooms

Ankole Diocese Millennium Sacco

Ankole Diocese Millenium SACCO Ltd (ADMS) was established by Ankole Diocese and was registered late 2012 it currently has 5 branches/outreaches. It has held 4 Annual General Meetings (AGMs).
The SACCO Head office is at Mbarara, Mbaguta Street in the Church Community Centre (known as Church Hostel).
• Rugaaga
• Kabuyanda
• Kinoni
• Bishop Stuart University
• Ibanda.

All Individuals in our communities, business owners, groups and Institutions like Churches, mosques, schools are eligible.
Services and Products:
Membership is open to all. A share costs shs 10,000, membership is shs 10,000/= .To borrow a member has to have a savings account. Borrowing is at interest rate of 2.5% per month.
Other products are:
1. Savings: General Savings, Group Savings, Minor/Infant Savings.
2. Fixed Deposit Accounts
3. Mobile Money services
4. Loans: General Loans, Institutional Loans, Agriculture, Maama/ Women Group Loans, Water Tanks, Shomesa School fees, Solar, Youth talent Loans, Kanisa Employee and Salary Loans.
Other projects


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