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Rt.Rev.Dr.Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa

It is not every day that a public writer addresses a subject concerning his or her immediate family, but the recent global win of a first time written and directed film by my daughter Shevon Nsiimenta made this proposition irresistible. The doors to film writing and Production began back in 2020 when Shevon was among 5 selected winners in a short film script writing competition called #five for 5 run by Hollywood based Ugandan born director Kemiyondo Coutinho. It sought out five fresh female script writers in Uganda offering them a fully sponsored production of the winning script. The best five girls were partnered with professionals in the film industry to execute their visions and talent. Films were shot, produced and completed. After the films were made, they were submitted to several international film festivals. Miika was recently voted by viewers world wide as the best animated film at the international Cine oddsey film festival. Film festivals run for about six months and the announcement of those who emerge best take another extended period. The film Miika which is yet to be officially released is a five-minute 3D animated short film that took days, months and hours of writing and directing by Shevon Nsiimenta with technical support from Hollywood Ugandan born Kemiyondo Coutinho a play wright, actress and film maker. Animation was done by Sowl studio and Solomon Jagwe another Ugandan based Hollywood film producer. The award-winning film sent some chills down my spine as a parent when I recalled the times I cajoled my daughter, in my fatherly   figure cum professional teacher role, to pursue Bachelor of Laws in view of her powerful, persuasive, analytical, written and spoken skills instead of Mass Communication, the academic programme of her dreams. Little did I know that she was cut out to be a first-rate writer and film Director who would win international accolades. When Shevon enrolled for Mass Communication at Uganda Christian University, I shifted gears and looked forward to an award-winning journalist, only to realize that her passion was more in Public Relations. Upon graduation with a degree under  her belt, I was quick to volunteer advice on how she possessed what it required to either be a journalist or a Television news anchor. Alas! This was never to be and the jobs she has held, including her current one at Roofings Ltd Uganda where she serves as Executive Advertising Assistant, were never in my wildest of imagination. The icing on the cake of my false prophecies on the choices of my daughter is the pet subject of film writing and directing which she has been doing in her free time especially at night, when in Los Angeles they are awake, so that she could Virtually take lessons, get technical guidance and complete her project. Miika, a tale inspired by Uganda’s violent political past birthing courage in a young and passionate heart, has won the best animation film in the international film festival; Award Nominee-Best first-time female Director-Los Angeles International film festival, Finalist-Auber International festival, Official selection-Abujja International Film festival and Flick Flair film festival. Now I know better a child’s interest and passion needs to be given more attention than a parents interest on assessment of a child’s career choices. As I sign off, with my wife Dr.Alice Mwesigwa, we are coming to terms with my eldest son’s keen interest in rugby, since he is a budding rugby player with Rhinos, a premier rugby club, yet he is pursuing a degree in International Business. During his childhood and teenage years, I had enrolled him with Kampala Kids League with hope that he might become a Messi, a dream that I never personally fulfilled though I was a good soccer player.


Rt. Rev. Dr. Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa

Bishop Ankole Diocese & Chancellor Bishop Stuart University

Published in the New Vision on  6th January, 2022


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