On Sunday 30th July 2023, Ankole diocese celebrated 13 years of service of Rt Rev Assoc Prof Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa and Maama Dr. Alice Mwesigwa at St. James cathedral Ruharo. The thanksgiving service which started at 9am was attended by very many dignitaries such as politicians, the clergy, institution heads, and representatives from the catholic and Pentecostal faith and the Christians from all walks of life with Eng Mpagazehe from Rwanda a former student of Bishop Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa at Ntare School.
The guest of honor Hon. Bright Rwamirama was represented by Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu and the preacher was Emeritus Bishop Rwubusisi of Rwanda.

Bishop Rwubusisi in the sermon praised God for the Diocese of Ankole and how it has grown. He attributed this growth to building on the firm foundation of Christ. He emphasized that the world is in need of a leader they can trust and follow.
He challenged Christians to look back where they have come from and thank God because God had picked them from far.
He added that for God to look out for someone to anoint, God looks at the spiritual life of the individual and someone who has a heart that loves him. He encouraged Christians to have a behavior that is good in and out of season and know that pride and arrogance do not please God.
He asked the listeners to desire to be like Jesus in their daily walk referring to David’s walk with God.

Bishop Sheldon appreciated God for the journey so far.
He asked the Christians to keep praying for the clergy and Bishops especially those that have retired and try to visit them more often.
He asked Christians to continue praying for him in this ministry journey and to purpose to get born-again because then you no longer move in sin but rather you are free.

Guest of Honor Hon Col Dr. Bright Rwamirama was represented by Hon Prof Ephraim Kamuntu who appreciated the thirteen years of service and development. He gave the Bishop a gift of a fresian as a token of appreciation.
He presented and commissioned a Tractor given to Ankole Diocese by the government and confirmed that the government is going to give the diocese a coffee wet processor machine that will add value to coffee and attract a higher price.
Prof Kamuntu thanked the bishop for being part of poverty fighting and to be a source of development in the diocese.

The Lord Mayor Kakyebezi thanked the bishop for the very many developments and promised that they will put security lights along the road that goes to the cathedral.
The Diocesan Secretary read through all the developments that the diocese has attained that are credited to the 5th Bishop of Ankole diocese

Very many people came over to thank the Bishop for what he has done for the diocese and gave him gifts. Through the head of laity, they thanked the diocese for the proper accountability and to find that the diocese does not have conflicts. The Bishop later was offered 10 freisan cows by synod and 10 fresian cows from different Church institutions as a gift to appreciate his good service.

Bishop Sheldon thanked Millennium Sacco for giving people loans to help them in growth and development of the country and encouraged everyone to join the Millennium Sacco so that economic development is propelled.
Maama Dr. Alice Mwesigwa, thanked the Bishop for being repentant every time something goes wrong. She thanked God and the entire Christians for supporting them as a family and encouraged the Christians to remain humble at the feet of God so that He can use them to do great things.
The Bishop presented a gift to Bishop Rwubusiisi also.
To God be the Glory.
Asasira Joanita Nancy
Diocesan Information and Communication Officer and Ag. East African Revival Museum Curator, Ankole Diocese

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